Monday, June 17, 2013

Waterfall at Little Pond

oil on linen on board / 5x7" / unframed / sold

How this painting looks framed:

Painting Waterfall at Little Pond brought back many fond memories. Little Pond is a New York State Campground in the Catskill Mountains where my family and I camped for many years. Each summer we saw the same families. We shared meals, swam at the beach, hiked, canoed, toasted marshmallows, watched beavers build dams, drove to Woodstock to have lunch, caught a movie in Liberty on a rainy day, searched for antiques in Margaretville, and talked into the wee hours at the campsite of our friends, Steven and Elise.

Our daughters were best camping friends. They spent hours riding their bikes, had sleep-overs in each other's tents, and read together.

Waterfall at Little Pond is composite of all that I loved at Little Pond-the water, the sky, the mountains, the trees, the waterfall, and the calm at dusk. 

This secret waterfall was introduced to us by Elise. It was our last view of Little Pond during our last visit too long ago...

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