Saturday, January 18, 2014

Little Pond II

oil on linen on board / 6" x 6" / unframed /sold

How this painting looks framed:

During the winter months, I get nostalgic for Little Pond, the campground in the Catskill Mountains in Up-State New York where my family and I camped during the hot summer months.

It was also the best time to call our best camping buddies and reminisce about our summer days at the beach at Little Pond. During our conversation, we'd plot and plan our next trip-the dates and the campsite numbers.

Little Pond II is a view from our campsite, right next door to our camping buddies. 

Each evening as the sun set, I'd stand by the lakeshore and absorb the quiet and watch the beams of flashlights coming from the roadless, remote campsites at the other end of the lake. I'd wonder who could be signaling. Were the beams a lonely camper seeking company?